Local answer machine
Operation using the handset
Playing back messages
¤Press and hold the key
¤Press the Message key Answer Mach.: OK
¤ . . . use to select Answer Machine OK Play Messages OK . . . use
to select Answer Machine (if more than one answer machine is available) OK
The answer machine begins immediately with message playback. New messages are played
back first.
Actions during playback
Stop playback: / or use the display key: Options
Continue playback: Press / again or use the display key: Continue
Go to the start of the current message: Press key
Repeat the last 5 seconds of the message: Press key
Skip to the next message: Press or key
Skip to previous message during the time stamp playback:
¤Press or key
Skip to next message during the time stamp playback:
¤Press key
Mark a message as "new": Press key
or use the display key Options Mark as new OK
An "old" message that has already been played back is displayed as a "new" message again.
The key on the handset flashes.
Copying the phone number from a message to the directory: Options Copy to
Directory . . . complete entry using
To delete a single message: Press Delete or key
Delete all old messages: Options Delete old list OK Yes
Picking up a call from the answer machine
You can pick up a call while the answer machine is recording or is being operated remotely:
¤Press the Talk key or use display key Accept . . . recording is interrupted . . . speak to the
If three seconds of the message have already been recorded when you accept the call, the
message is saved. The Message key on the handset flashes.
Key 1 is assigned to the answer machine.
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