Local answer machine
Forwarding an external call to the answer machine
¤Press the display key . . . The answer machine starts immediately in answer and record
mode and records the call. The set time for ring delay ( p. 48) is ignored
Activating/deactivating two-way record
Pick up an external call with the answer machine:
¤Inform the caller of the two-way recording Options Two-way Record OK . . . two-
way recording is indicated in the display by an advisory text and placed in the answer
machine list as a new message
End two-way recording: End
Activating/deactivating call screening
During recording of a message you can screen a call via the handset loudspeaker:
Permanently switching call screening on/off:
¤ . . . use to select Answer Machine OK Call Screening
Change ( = on) . . . call screening is switched on/off for all registered handsets
Switching off call screening for the current recording:
¤Press the display key Silence or the End call key . . . Pick up call using
Operating when on the move (remote operation)
Access answer machine or switch answer machine on from another telephone (e.g. hotel, mobile
Switching on the answer machine
¤Call the telephone connection and let it ring until the announcement "Please enter PIN"
(approx. 50 seconds) . . . use to enter the telephone's system PIN within 10 seconds . . .
the answer machine is switched on, the remaining memory is announced, messages are
played back
An external call is indicated on the handset.
The answer machine is activated, is not in use and still has enough memory.
The system PIN is set to something other than 0000 and the other telephone has tone
dialling (DTMF).
Incorrect PIN is entered or entry takes too long (more than 10 seconds): The
connection is interrupted. The answer machine will remain deactivated.
The answer machine cannot be deactivated remotely.
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