Network mailbox
Network mailbox
Each network mailbox accepts incoming calls made via the corresponding line (fixed line net-
work or corresponding VoIP phone number). In order to record all calls, a network mailbox
should be set up for both the fixed line network and the VoIP connection.
Activating/deactivating the network mailbox / Entering a
On the handset, you can manage the network mailboxes that are assigned to one of its receive
¤ . . . use to select Answer Machine OK Network Mailbox OK
. . . use to select connection if applicable OK . . . then
For a fixed line network/connection
¤ . . . use to enter or amend the network mailbox number Save
For a VoIP connection
Fixed line network connection: The network mailbox has been requested from the
network provider.
The network mailbox is automatically called via the corresponding connection. An
automatic area code specific to the phone is not prefixed.
The network mailbox messages can be played back using the phone's keypad (digit
codes). For VoIP, you need to use the web configurator to define how the digit codes
are to be converted to DTMF signals and transmitted. Ask your VoIP provider which
type of DTMF transmission it supports.
To activate/deactivate the network mailbox for the fixed line network connection use
the phone number and a function code of your network provider. Please contact the
network provider if you require any further information.
Activate/deactivate network MB:
¤Status . . . use to select On or Off
Enter number: ¤ Network Mailbox . . . use to enter or amend the network
mailbox number
With some VoIP providers, the phone number has already been
downloaded together with the general VoIP provider data and
saved to the base station.
Save settings: ¤Save
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