Sound profiles
Additional functions
Sound profiles
The telephone has 3 sound profiles for adapting the handset to the environmental conditions:
Profile Loud, Profile Silent, Profile Personal
¤Use to switch between the profiles . . . the profile is changed straight away without a
The profiles are set as follows by default:
Activate alert tone for an incoming call for Profile Silent: after switching to Profile Silent press
the display key Beep . . . the icon appears in the status bar
Default setting Profile
Profile Silent Profile
Ringtone On Off On
Ringtone volume Internal 5 Off 5
External 5 Off 5
Handset volume Receiver 5 3 3
Handsfree 5 3 3
Advisory tones Key click Yes No Yes
Yes No Yes
Battery tone Yes Yes Yes
Changes to the settings listed in the table:
apply in the Loud and Silent profiles as long as the profile is not changed.
are permanently saved in Profile Personal for this profile.
The set profile remains set when switching the phone off and back on.
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