Protection against unwanted calls
Protection against unwanted calls
Time control for external calls
Enter a time period during which the handset should suspend
ringing to indicate external calls e.g. during the night.
¤ . . . use to select Settings OK Audio
Settings OK Ringtones (Handset) OK
Time Control OK . . . then
To benefit from the advantages of the setting No Radiation, all registered handsets
must support this feature.
If the setting No Radiation is activated and a handset is registered to the base that
does not support this feature, No Radiation is automatically deactivated. As soon as
this handset is de-registered, No Radiation will automatically be re-activated.
The wireless connection will only be established for an incoming or outgoing call and
the connection will be delayed by about 2 seconds.
In order that a handset can establish a wireless connection with the base station more
quickly for an incoming call, it must "listen" to the base station more often, i.e. scan the
environment. This increases power consumption and reduces the standby and talk-
time of the handset.
When No Radiation is activated, there will be no range display/range alarm on the
handset. Contactability can be tested by attempting to establish a connection.
¤Press and hold the Talk key . . . the ringing tone will sound.
Date and time have been set.
Switch on/off: ¤use to select On or Off
Enter time: ¤use to switch between Suspend
ring. from and Suspend ring. until
. . . use to enter start and end in
4-digit format
Save: ¤Save
The time control only applies to the handset for which the setting is configured.
The telephone will continue to ring for numbers that have been assigned to a VIP
group in the directory.
Time Control
For external calls:
Suspend ring. from:
Suspend ring. until:
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