SMS (text messages)
SMS (text messages)
It is possible to send SMS messages as soon as the telephone has been connected to the fixed
line network.
Writing and sending SMS messages
Calling Line Identification is enabled ( p. 30).
The network provider supports the SMS service.
If no SMS service centre is entered, the submenu SMS only consists of the entry
SMS messages can also be sent and received via VoIP. The lines for sending SMS
messages must be expressly set. It is not possible to receive SMS messages via
An SMS may be up to 612 characters in length. If the number of characters exceeds
160, the SMS is sent as linked SMS messages (up to four individual SMS messages).
The remaining number of characters is shown in the top right corner of the display,
followed by an indication in brackets of which part of a linked SMS is currently being
written. Example: 405(2).
¤ . . . use to select Messaging OK select SMS OK . . . then
Write an SMS: ¤New SMS OK . . . use to enter SMS text
Send an SMS: ¤Press the End call key
or Options Send OK SMS OK
Enter number (Send SMS to):
From the directory: . . . use to select number OK
or . . . use to enter number directly
If sending SMS messages to an SMS mailbox: add the mailbox ID to the
end of the number.
Send: ¤Send
The number must include the local area code (even if you are in that area).
If an external call comes in, or if you interrupt writing for more than 2 minutes, the text
is automatically saved in the draft message list.
Sending SMS messages may incur additional costs. Please consult your network
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