SMS (text messages)
Opening and editing an SMS from the draft message list
Receiving an SMS
Incoming SMS messages are saved in the incoming message list, linked SMS messages are
generally displayed as one SMS.
SMS message list
The incoming SMS message list contains all the received SMS messages and those SMS
messages that could not be sent due to an error.
New SMS messages are indicated on all Gigaset handsets by the icon on the display, the
flashing Message key and an advisory tone.
Open the SMS message list
With the Message key: . . . the messages list is opened
The messages list shows the number of SMS messages it
contains: bold = new messages, not bold = read messages
Open list: . . . use to select SMS: OK
Every entry in the list contains:
the number or name of the sender,
the send/receive connection to which the SMS is addressed,
arrival date and time.
Functions of the incoming message list
¤ . . . use to select Messaging OK select SMS OK Draft
OK . . . use to select saved SMS . . . possible options:
Read draft: ¤Read
Edit: ¤Options Edit OK
Send SMS: ¤Options Send OK
Delete an entry: ¤Options Delete entry OK
Delete all entries: ¤Options Delete List OK Yes
Via the SMS menu: . . . use to select Messaging OK select
SMS OK Incoming OK
¤ . . . use to select Messaging OK select SMS OK
Incoming OK . . . possible options:
Call the sender of the SMS:
¤ . . . use to select an SMS Press the Talk key
Delete an entry: ¤Options Delete entry OK
Save the number in the directory:
¤Options Copy to Directory OK
Delete all entries in the SMS message list:
¤Options Delete List OK Yes
SMS: (2)
for Fixed Line
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