SMS (text messages)
Reading and managing SMS messages
Saving numbers from SMS text to the directory
If a telephone number in the SMS text is recognised, it is automatically highlighted.
Save the number in the directory:
If the number is to also be used to send an SMS, save the number including the local area
code (dialling code).
Dial a number: Press the Talk key
Select the next number, if an SMS contains multiple numbers: . . . use to scroll down
until the first number has disappeared from the display.
SMS with vCard
The vCard is an electronic business card. It is indicated by the icon in the SMS text. A vCard
can contain a name, home number, work number, mobile number and a birthday. Individual
entries in a vCard can be saved to the directory one after the other.
When reading an SMS containing the vCard: View Save
The directory is opened automatically. The number and name are copied. If a birthday is entered
on the vCard, the date is copied to the directory as an anniversary. If necessary, edit the entry in
the directory and save it. You will return to the vCard automatically.
SMS notification
Receive notifications of missed calls and/or new messages on the answer machine.
¤ . . . use to select Messaging OK select SMS OK
Incoming OK . . . use to select SMS Read . . . possible options:
Answer SMS: ¤Options Reply OK
Edit SMS text and send to recipient of your choice:
¤Options Edit OK . . . use to edit text Options
Forward OK
Forward SMS to recipient of your choice:
¤Options Forward OK
Display text in a different character set:
¤Options Character Set OK . . . use to select
character set Select ( = selected)
The +-icon is not copied for international area codes.
¤You should then enter "00" at the start of the number.
¤ . . . use to select Messaging OK select SMS OK
Settings OK Notification Change (= on) . . . then
Enter number: ¤To . . . use to enter the number to which the SMS should be sent
Missed calls: ¤ Missed calls . . . use to select On or Off
Answer machine: ¤ For AM messages . . . use to select On or Off
Save settings: ¤Save
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