SMS (text messages)
SMS service centres
The number for at least one SMS service centre must be saved in the device to be able to send
SMS messages. The SMS service centre number can be obtained from the service provider.
SMS messages are received from every entered SMS service centre as long as they are registered
with their service provider.
Your SMS messages are sent via the SMS service centre that is entered as the active send centre.
However, you can activate any other SMS service centre as the active send service centre to send
a current message.
Entering/changing the SMS service centre, setting the send service centre
Do not enter your own fixed line network number for notification of missed calls. This
can create an endless loop that will incur charges.
SMS notification may incur additional costs.
¤ . . . use to select Messaging OK select SMS OK
Settings OK Service Centres OK . . . use to select SMS service centre
( = current send service centre) Edit . . . then
Activate send service centre:
¤Active Send: . . . use to select Yes or No (Yes = SMS messages are sent
via the SMS service centre)
For the SMS service centres 2 to 4, the setting only applies to the next
Enter the number of the SMS service:
¤ SMS Service Centre Number . . . use to enter the number
Enter the number of the e-mail service:
¤ eMail Service no. . . . use to enter the number
Select send connection:
¤ Send via . . . use to select the fixed line network or VoIP
connection that you want to use to send the SMS messages.
Save settings: ¤Save
If you have agreed a flat fixed line network rate, the chargeable numbers with dialling
code 0900 are often blocked. If, in this case, a 0900 number is entered for the SMS
service centre, you will not be able to send text messages from your phone.
If the attempt to send fails, the SMS is saved in the incoming messages list and
indicated as failed. VoIP connection: Even if the Automatic fallback to fixed line
option is activated ( web configurator), the telephone will not attempt to send the
SMS via the fixed line network.
If the selected send connection is deleted from the configuration, the fixed line
network connection is used.
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