SMS (text messages)
SMS troubleshooting
Self-help with errors
You cannot send messages
You have not requested the CLIP service (Calling Line Identification Presentation).
¤Ask your network provider to enable the feature.
SMS sending was interrupted (e.g. by a call).
¤Re-send the SMS.
The network provider does not support this feature.
No number or an incorrect one has been entered for the send service centre.
¤Enter the number ( p. 66).
SMS text is incomplete
The phone's memory is full.
¤Delete old SMS messages.
The network provider has not yet sent the rest of the SMS.
You have stopped receiving SMS messages
Call divert has been activated for All calls.
¤Change call divert ( p. 31).
The SMS is played back
The "display call number" service is not activated.
¤Ask the network provider to enable this feature (subject to a fee).
Your mobile phone operator and SMS service provider are not working in partnership.
¤Obtain information from your SMS service provider.
The phone is not registered with the SMS service provider.
¤Send an SMS to register the phone for receiving SMS.
E0 Calling Line Identification permanently withheld (CLIR) or Calling Line Identification not
FE Error occurred while sending SMS.
FD Connection to SMS service centre failed, see self-help.
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