E-Mail notifications
E-Mail notifications
The phone periodically connects to the incoming e-mail server and checks for new messages.
The receipt of new e-mail messages is displayed on the handset: An advisory tone sounds, the
Message key flashes and the icon is displayed in idle status.
Opening the incoming e-mail list
¤ . . . use to select Messaging OK eMail OK
or: There are new e-mail messages (the Message key flashes)
¤ press eMail OK
The phone establishes a connection to the incoming e-mail server.
A list of e-mail messages that are stored there is displayed.
New unread messages appear above old read messages.
The following details are displayed for each e-mail: name or
e-mail address of the sender (on one line, abbreviated if
necessary) and date and time (date and time will only display
correct values if sender and recipient are located in the same
time zone).
Bold: New message. E-mail messages that were not present in
the incoming e-mail server when the inbox was last opened are
identified as "new", regardless of whether or not they have been
An e-mail account is set up with an Internet provider.
The incoming e-mail server uses the POP3 protocol.
The name of the incoming e-mail server and your personal access data (account
name, password) are stored in the phone ( Web configurator).
The icon is also displayed when you have new SMS messages.
If authentication of the telephone is carried out by the incoming e-mail server via a
secure connection (TLS authentication) and this fails, the e-mail messages are not
downloaded to the telephone.
Notification when pressing the Message key : Certificate error - Please check
your certificates in the Web configurator.
¤Confirm notification using OK . . . On the Security page in the Web configurator,
you will find information on the possible causes and measures.
E-mail messages classified as spam by the provider are stored in a separate folder and
are not shown in the incoming e-mail list.
Some e-mail providers allow you to change this setting: Deactivate spam protection
or display spam e-mails in the incoming email list.
Other e-mail providers may send a message to the inbox when a new spam e-mail is
received. The date and sender of this mail are repeatedly updated, so that it is always
displayed as a new message.
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