Info Centre
Info Centre
The Info Centre makes information from the Internet (e. g. messages or the weather forecast)
available for display on a Gigaset telephone. A default selection has already been defined for the
Information on gigaset.net info services: www.gigaset.com/nextg/apps
Customising info services
Change the default setting for the Info Centre (standard profile) on the Gigaset.net website
Via the Web configurator: Open the page Settings Info Services . . . Click on the link
gigaset.net/myaccount . . . You are automatically logged in with the username and password
that have been assigned to your phone by default.
Via a computer web browser: Enter the address www.gigaset.net . . . Enter the user ID
and password on the Gigaset.net website. You can find both on the web configurator page
Settings Info Services.
The Gigaset.net website is displayed.
"Info Centre" tab
The page has an icon for every info service provided by Gigaset.net (e.g. weather, horoscope),
and an icon for personal applications that you wish to add to your Info Centre.
"Screensaver" tab
Info services for the screensaver Info Services
Activating/deactivating a service
An info service is offered in the Info Centre of the
registered handset if the relevant icon is orange and
the option at the top right of the icon is activated.
Activating/deactivating a service: Click option
( = activated)
Data protection notice
The inventory data corresponds to that of the VoIP service.
When you use the service for the first time, a standard profile is created with configuration data for the
device. You can then change and store the configuration data specific to your device, for example, the city
for the weather forecast or the date of birth for the biorhythm. You can delete this configuration data again
at any time.
The information services use the HTTP protocol.
Further information about the data stored in relation to the Gigaset.net service:
active inactive
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