Info Centre
Customising info services
Customising information for an info service:
¤Click the icon that belongs to an info service (e. g. weather) . . . This will open another web
page to customise the RSS feeds.
The web pages for the individual info services describe which settings can be made.
Example "Weather information"
¤Click on the weather information icon . . . A web page for configuring the weather
information for the Info Centre is opened
The world weather is already set. In addition, you can select up to nine further cities (worldwide).
¤Enter the name of the desired city Click on the magnifying glass icon . . . The cities that
start with the specified name are listed Click the list Select the desired city
¤Add Info Centre location: Right-click the arrow icon . . . The web page lists all the
locations for which the Info Centre provides weather information.
¤Remove city from the list: Click on the icon behind the city name
Starting Info Centre / selecting info services
¤ . . . Use to select Info Centre OK . . . A list of available info services is
displayed . . . Use to select info service OK
To access certain info services (personalised services), you have to log in with a user name and
Messages when loading requested information
The information is loaded from the Internet. If the information for an info service cannot be
displayed, one of the following messages appears:
Requested pagecan’t be reached.
Time limit exceeded (timeout) when loading the information or Internet server for the info
services cannot be accessed. Check Internet connection and try again later.
Coding error onrequested page
The content of the requested info service is coded in a format that the handset cannot
Can’t displayrequested page
General error when loading the info service.
Configuring weather information on handset:
¤ . . . Use to select Info Centre Weather OK Add
location OK . . . Use to enter location name OK . . . A list of locations with
the specified name is displayed Select location OK Save
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