Info Centre
Accessing info services using quick dial
Every info service available on Gigaset.net is assigned a quick dial. Examples:
The list of info services is one example. Each info service is provider-dependent.
The numbers 11 to 98 are reserved for info services/applications that are provided via
Open up a service: . . . Use to enter the quick dial for a service Press the Talk key
. . . The Info Centre page with this service/this application is loaded and displayed
Displaying information from the Internet as a screensaver
Info services appear on the display approximately ten seconds after the handset returns to idle
status. Depending on the information feed selected, a display key appears on the right of the
To open further information: Press the right display key.
To revert to idle status: Press and hold the End call key
Selecting information for the screensaver
The default setting for the screensaver Info Services is the weather forecast.
Changing default setting:
On the PC using your account on the Gigaset.net server ( p. 77)
On the handset using the Info Centre
¤ . . . Use to select Info Centre Screensaver OK . . . Use to select
the info service OK Enter additional settings for the selected info service if required
Info service Quick dial Info service Quick dial
News 1#92 Horoscope 7#92
Weather 2#92 Biorhythm 8#92
My eBay 3#92 My Friends 9#92
Encyclopaedia 4#92 My Applications
(personal info services/applications
that you have defined)
Translator 5#92
Unit Converter 6#92
Open up an info service using digit key: Enter the quick dial for an info service in the
directory Assign directory entry to a digit key on the handset Press and hold the
digit key
The Info Services screensaver is activated on the handset.
The info services display is activated via the Web configurator.
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