Updating the phone firmware
The firmware update is downloaded directly from the Internet by default. The relevant web page
is preconfigured in your phone.
Starting the firmware update manually
Updating firmware automatically
The phone will check daily whether a newer firmware version is available on the Internet
configuration server. If so, the message New firmware available is displayed on the handset.
¤Confirm prompt with Yes . . . the firmware is downloaded to the telephone
Checking the base station's MAC address
Depending on the network configuration, you may require the MAC address of the base station,
e.g. in order to enter it in the router's access control list.
Check the MAC address on the handset: . . . the
MAC address is displayed
Return to idle status: Back
The phone is connected to the Internet (i.e. connected to a router).
The phone is in idle status i.e. no calls are being made, there is no internal connection
between registered handsets and the menu is not open on any handset.
¤ . . . use to select Settings OK System Base Update OK
. . . use to enter the system PIN OK . . . the telephone establishes an Internet connec-
tion to the configuration server Yes
The firmware update can take up to 6 minutes, depending on the quality of your DSL
When updating from the Internet, checks are made to ensure that no newer version of
the firmware exists. If this is not the case, the operation is terminated and a message is
issued to that effect.
If the telephone is not connected to the Internet at the time when the check for new
firmware is due to be performed (e.g. because the router is deactivated), the check is
performed as soon as the phone is reconnected to the Internet.
You can deactivate the automatic version check via the Web configurator.
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