Getting started
Getting started
Contents of the package
One base station,
One power adapter for the base station,
One phone cable,
One LAN cable,
One handset
One battery cover (rear cover for the handset)
One battery
One charging cradle incl. power adapter
One belt clip
One user guide
Models with multiple handsets, per handset:
One handset
One charging cradle incl. power adapter
One battery, one battery cover and one belt clip
The base station and charging cradle are designed for use in closed, dry rooms within
a temperature range of +5 °C to +45 °C.
The device's feet do not usually leave any marks on surfaces. However, due to the mul-
titude of different varnishes and polishes used on furniture, contact marks on the sur-
faces cannot be completely ruled out.
Never expose the telephone to heat sources, direct sunlight or other electrical
Protect your telephone from moisture, dust, corrosive liquids and vapours.
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