Internet telephony (VoIP)
Register with Gigaset.net
Every Gigaset IP device is assigned a Gigaset.net phone number by default. When you open the
Gigaset.net directory for the first time, you are asked to enter a name for your connection.
¤ Press and hold . . . the list of online directories is
opened Gigaset.net OK . . . the Gigaset.net directory
is opened . . . use to enter nickname
(max. 25 characters) Save . . . the name is assigned to the
phone number and recorded in the Gigaset.net directory
Assign send and receive connections
If multiple connections are configured for the phone (fixed line network, Gigaset.net and IP), you
must specify
Which connection is used for an outgoing call (send connection)
To which internal participant a call is to be diverted from a certain connection (receive
Internal participants are the registered handsets and the three base answer machines.
Each connection (number) of your phone can be both a send as well as a receive connection.
Multiple internal participants can be assigned to each connection as send and/or receive
connections. It may only be assigned to one answer machine as a receive connection.
Default assignment
All configured connections are assigned to the handsets and answer machine 1 as receive
connections on delivery.
The fixed line network connection is assigned to the handsets as a send connection. If you
have no fixed line network connection, no send connection is assigned.
You can also enter/change the Gigaset.net name via
the web configurator:
¤Settings Telephony Connections
Data protection notice
The nickname is saved on a central Gigaset server. The nickname appears in the Gigaset.net directory and
other users of the Gigaset.net service can call you using this name.
By entering your information, you agree for this data to be saved.
If you do not wish this to happen, you can cancel the operation at this point:
Cancel without leaving the Gigaset.net directory: Do not enter a name Save . . . You can use the
directory to search for other Gigaset.net participants and call them, but no nickname will be recorded.
Leave Gigaset.net directory without search: Press and hold the End call key
Further information about the data stored in relation to the Gigaset.net service can be found at
Own Details
Your Gigaset.net
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