Internet telephony (VoIP)
Change default assignment
Using the installation wizard for initial installation ( see Set-up)
Using the web configurator on a PC: Page Settings Telephony Number Assignment
( see Web configurator)
Via the handset menu
¤ . . . Use to select Settings OK Telephony OK Send
Connections/Rec. Connections OK
The process is the same as for the installation wizard ( see Set-up).
Internet call settings in web configurator
When making fixed line network calls, you must always dial the area code, even for local calls
(depending on your provider):
¤Settings Management Local Settings activate Use Area Code Numbers for Calls
via VoIP option
Establish a connection automatically via the fixed line network if a call attempt via an
IP connection fails:
¤Settings Telephony Number Assignment . . . in Alternative Connection activate
the Automatic fallback to fixed line option if a fixed line connection is available
Define a dialling plan:
¤Settings Telephony Dialling Plans
If a dialling plan has been defined for the dialled number, then the connection specified in
the dialling plan will be used instead of the send connection. If the number is blocked by a
dialling plan, Not possible is displayed.
Further settings: DTMF signalling, call transfer, assignment of the Recall key, communication
¤Settings Telephony Advanced VoIP Settings
Register with web configurator ( see Web configurator)
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