Web configurator
Web configurator
You can use the web configurator to make settings for the phone on a PC or tablet.
You can make settings that can also be made on your phone handset, e. g. set date and time
or perform a firmware update
You can make additional settings that are not possible via the handset, meet particular
prerequisites for connecting the phone to a company network or adjust the voice quality on
IP connections
You can save data on the base where this is required for access to certain Internet services,
e. g. public online directories, the incoming e-mail server for your e-mail account and the
synchronisation of the date/time with a time server
You can connect the phone to the Gigaset cloud in order to receive call notifications on your
You can save data for your phone (base and handsets) in files on the PC and, in the event of
an error, you can download them onto your phone again.
See the online help for the web configurator for a detailed description of the web pages and the
required entries ( p. 103).
Start web configurator
Connecting to the web configurator
Establishing a connection via the phone's IP address
¤Finding out the current IP address of the phone: Briefly press the registration/paging key
on the base . . . the IP address is displayed on the handset
¤Start your web browser on the PC/tablet Enter IP-address of phone in the browser address
field (example: . . . A connection is established to the phone's web configurator
Your phone is connected to the local network.
In most cases, this connection is established automatically as soon as the device is
connected to the network. If this is not the case, connect to the local network via the
handset ( p. 95).
You may not be able to change some settings in the web configurator, depending on
the provider.
The web configurator cannot be accessed by more than one user at any one time.
You can still make phone calls while working on the web configurator.
The IP address can sometimes change, depending on the settings of the DHCP server
in your network.
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