Web configurator
Establishing a connection via the phone's domain name
¤Start your web browser on the PC/tablet In the web browser address field, enter
If you can contact multiple Gigaset devices via your Internet connection: Select device
Registering/de-registering with the web configurator
Registering, setting the interface language
Once you have successfully established the connection, the website Welcome is displayed in the
web browser.
¤Select the desired language Enter PIN (default setting: 0000) OK
¤Click on Log off at the top right in the menu bar.
¤Click on the question mark on the top right of a web page . . . Online help opens in a
separate window
Searching in help: Click inside the Help window Press Ctrl and F. A search dialog opens.
PC/tablet and phone are connected to the Internet.
The connection between the PC and the web configurator is a local connection
(LAN connection). The Internet is only accessed to establish the connection.
For your security, you should change the default PIN ( p. 114).
Always end the web configurator with the command Log off. If the web browser is
closed without de-registering first, access to the web configurator may be blocked for
a few minutes.
The help pages are downloaded directly from the configuration server.
You may need to change your browser settings to display the help pages correctly.
Internet Explorer and Firefox require the following settings, for example:
¤You must allow blocked active content for help (right-click the information bar at
the top of the browser window).
¤Allow the pages to use their own fonts or set Arial as the standard font (general
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