Web configurator
Carry out initial configuration
A wizard is available for initial configuration when no VoIP connection (IP account) has been set
up. The wizard will help you configure an IP account.
The phone offers a range of provider profiles that make it easier to configure an IP account. Each
profile contains the most important configuration settings for the provider concerned.
¤Home Quick Start Wizard Next
¤Country Select from list Next
If the phone is connected to a PABX that provides IP accounts, you can select the PABX here.
¤Provider Select from list Next
If the provider does not appear in the list: Select Other provider . . . You must now enter
the provider data yourself
For help, see page Settings Telephony Connections
¤Enter the provider's access data Next . . . The phone is registered with the provider
¤If the provider has a network mailbox: Enter the phone number . . . The mailbox will be
activated once you close the wizard
¤If all outgoing calls from the registered handset are to be made via this VoIP connection as
standard: Mark Yes
Default setting: No . . . Outgoing calls are made via fixed line network connection
Detailed assignments for multiple handsets, multiple VoIP connections and incoming calls
Number Assignment ( p. 107)
¤Finish . . . The connection is recorded in the phone connection list ( p. 106)
Change settings for this connection and/or set up further VoIP connections:
¤Settings Telephony Connections ( p. 106).
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