Web configurator
Call notifications on mobile devices
To receive notifications about newly received calls/messages on your phone on a mobile device
(e. g. your smartphone), you need to register the phone with Gigaset elements.
The registration must be carried out on both the phone and the mobile device:
On the phone's web configurator:
¤Settings Messaging Call Notification Click on Register now . . . An activation code
is displayed
On mobile device:
¤Open Gigaset elements System overview Add + Tap on GO-Box Enter activa-
tion code from the web configurator Next . . . The mobile device is now ready to display
incoming calls/messages on your phone
On the phone's web configurator:
If registration was successful, Registered at Gigaset elements will be displayed. The available
phone connections are listed.
¤Mark the connections for which you want to receive notifications on your mobile device
Info Services
Customise personal services on the Gigaset.net server for the Info Center and screensaver Info
Services. Activate info services for handsets.
¤Settings Info Services
On this page, you will be able to access the Gigaset.net server and view your personal access
Online Directory
Select provider for online directory. You can set the Display of caller’s name option, depending
on the provider selected. This means that the name of the caller is read from the online directory
for incoming calls and shown on the display (where the handset's local directory does not
contain an entry for the caller's number).
¤Settings Directories Online Directory
You have a mobile device with an iOS or Android operating system.
The Gigaset elements app has been installed on the mobile device.
If answer machines have been assigned to the connections ( p. 107), you will also
receive notifications for newly received messages on these answer machines to your
Further information about Gigaset GO can be found at www.gigaset.com/go
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