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Directory Transfer
Deleting handset directories and downloading to/from the PC.
¤Settings Directory Transfer
Save directories on a PC. Entries are stored in vCard format in a vcf file on the PC. You can
download these files onto every registered handset. You can also copy directory entries to
your PC address book.
Copy contact details from your PC address book to handset directories. Export contacts in vcf
files (vCards) and transfer to handset directories.
Delete a directory on the handset. If you have edited the directory file (vcf file) on the PC and
would like to load this modified directory to the handset, you can delete the current directory
on the handset before the transfer.
Tip: Back up the current directory on your PC before deleting it. You can then reload it if the
modified directory is affected by formatting errors and some, or all, of it cannot be loaded
onto the handset.
Transfer rules
The directory entries from a vcf file that are loaded onto the handset will be added to the
directory. If an entry already exists for a name, it will either be supplemented or a new entry for
the name will be created. The process will not overwrite or delete any phone numbers.
Contents of directory file (vcf-file)
The following data (if available) is written into the vcf file for entry into the directory or
transferred from a vcf file into the handset directory:
First name
Number (office)
Number (mobile)
E-mail address
Anniversary date (YYYY-MM-DD) and the time of the reminder call (HH:MM) separated by a
"T" (example: 2008-12-24T11:00).
Other information that a vCard may contain is not entered into the handset directory.
You can find information on vCard format (vcf) on the Internet, e. g. at:
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VCard (English)
www.de.wikipedia.org/wiki/VCard (German)
(You can set the display language at the bottom left side in the navigation area of
the web page)
If you wish to copy a directory (vcf file) with multiple entries stored on the PC to the
Microsoft Outlook™ address book, please note the following:
Microsoft Outlook™ only ever transfers the first (directory) entry from the vcf file to
its address book.
Depending on your device type, up to three entries with the same name are created in
the directory for each vCard – one entry per entered number.
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