Manufacturer's advice
Exclusion of liability
Your handset's display consists of pixels. Each pixel consists of three sub-pixels (red, green, blue).
It may be the case that a sub-pixel is missing or has a colour deviation.
A warranty claim is only valid if the maximum number of permitted pixel errors is exceeded.
Manufacturer's advice
This device is intended for analogue phone lines in the UK and on the Irish network.
Voice over IP telephony is possible via the LAN interface (IEEE 802.3).
Depending on your telecommunication network interface, an additional modem could be necessary.
For further information please contact your Internet provider.
Country-specific requirements have been taken into consideration.
We, Gigaset Communications GmbH, declare that this device meets the essential requirements and other rel-
evant regulations laid down in Directive 1999/5/EC.
The EC declaration of your country according to 1999/5/EC can be found at:
This declaration could also be available in the "International Declarations of Conformity" or “European Decla-
rations of Conformity” files.
Therefore please check all of these files.
Description Maximum number of permitted pixel errors
Colour illuminated sub-pixels 1
Dark sub-pixels 1
Total number of coloured and dark sub-pixels 1
Signs of wear on the display and casing are excluded from the warranty.
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