Technical data
Technical data
Handset operating times/charging times
The operating time of your Gigaset depends on the capacity of the battery, its age and the way it is used.
(All times are maximum possible times.)
Base station power consumption
General specifications
Technology: lithium ion (Li-Ion)
Voltage: 3.7 V
Capacity: 750 mAh
Standby time (hours) * 200/160
Talktime (hours) 12
Operating time with 1.5 hours of calls per day (hours) * 110/85
Charging time in charging cradle (hours) 3
* No Radiation deactivated/activated, without display backlight in idle status
(Setting the display backlight p. 88)
The telephone operating times will increase if a more efficient battery is used.
In standby mode approx. 1.3 W
During a call approx. 1.4 W
DECT standard Supported
GAP standard Supported
No. of channels 60 duplex channels
Radio frequency range 1880-1900 MHz
Duplex mode Time division multiplexing, 10 ms frame length
Repetition frequency of the transmission
100 Hz
Duration of the transmission pulse 370 μs
Channel grid 1728 kHz
Bit rate 1152 kbit/s
Modulation GFSK
Language code 32 kbit/s
Transmission power 10 mW average power per channel, 250 mW pulse power
Range Up to 50 m indoors, up to 300 m outdoors
Base station power supply 230 V ~/50 Hz
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