Display icons
Display icons
The following icons are displayed depending on the settings and the operating status of your telephone.
Icons in the status bar
Display key icons
Display icons to indicate . . .
Icon Meaning
Signal strength (No Radiation off )
1% -100%
white, if Maximum Range on;
green, if Maximum Range off
Red: no connection to the base station
No Radiation activated:
white, if Maximum Range on;
green, if Maximum Range off
Answer machine activated indicator
flashes: Answer machine is recording
a message or is being operated by
another internal participant
Profile Silent activated (Ringtone
switched off)
"Beep" ringtone activated
Keypad lock activated
Battery charge status:
White: between 11% and 100%
Red: less than 11% charged
Flashes red: battery almost empty
(approx. 5 minutes of talktime left)
Battery is charging
(current charge status):
0% - 100%
Icon Meaning
Icon Meaning
Last number redial
Delete text
Open the directory
Copy number to the directory
Divert a call to answer machine
Icon Meaning
Icon Meaning
External call
Internal call
Establishing a call (outgoing call)
Connection established
No connection established/
connection terminated
Reminder for appointment
Reminder for anniversary
Alarm call
Answer machine is recording
Icon Meaning
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