Menu overview
Menu overview
Open the main menu: when handset is in idle status press
Not all functions described in the user guide are available in all countries or from all network pro-
Select Services
Next Call Anonym. p. 31
Call Divert Internal p. 33
Fixed Line p. 32
IP1 – IP6 p. 32
Call Waiting p. 31
All Calls Anonym. p. 31
Transfer (ECT ) p. 29
Ringback Off p. 32
Info Centre User-specific selection of info services p. 77
Additional Features
Baby Monitor p. 57
One Touch Call p. 23
Resource Directory Screensavers p. 69
Caller Pictures
Bluetooth Activation p. 70
Search for Headset p. 70
Search Data Device p. 70
Known Devices p. 71
Own Device p. 72
Call Lists p. 37
All calls
Outgoing calls
Accepted calls
Missed calls
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