Setting up an IP account
Setting up an IP account
So that you are able to make calls via the Internet (VoIP), you must have at least one IP account
with an Internet telephony provider. You can register using the access data that you receive from
your provider (user name, authentication name, password etc.).
To register the phone with your provider, please use:
The VoIP wizard on the handset
Or the web configurator on a PC or tablet ( p. 106)
Registering using the VoIP wizard on the handset
¤Press the Message key Yes . . . the wizard starts . . . scroll through the
displayed text OK
The display shows the possible IP accounts (IP 1 to IP 6). Accounts
that are already configured are marked with .
¤ . . . Use to select the required account OK
You can configure up to six IP accounts.
As soon as the handset battery has sufficient charge, the
Message key on the handset will flash.
If the wizard does not start properly or you have terminated it: Start the VoIP wizard
using the handset menu
¤ . . . Use to select Settings OK Telephony OK VoIP
If "New firmware available" is shown on the display, there is a firmware update
available for your phone.
To update firmware: Yes . . . the new firmware is loaded (takes approx. 6 mins.)
The Message key will then flash again.
¤To start configuration: Press the Message key .
Select IP Account
IP 1
IP 2
IP 3
IP 4
IP 5
Back OK
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