Making calls
Dialling from the call list
The call lists ( p. 37) contain the most recent accepted, outgoing and missed calls.
¤ . . . use to select Call Lists OK . . . use
to select a list OK . . . use to select an entry
Press the Talk key
One touch call
A saved number is dialled by pressing any key. This allows children
who are not yet able to enter a number to call a certain number, for
Activate one touch call mode:
¤ . . . use to select Additional Features OK
One Touch Call OK . . . use to activate Activation
Call to . . . use to enter the number Save . . . the
active one touch mode is shown in the idle display
Make a one touch call: Press any key . . . the saved number is
Cancel dialling: Press the End call key .
End one touch call: Press and hold the End call key
Set automatic line seizure:
¤ Automatic Redial . . . the dialled number is automatically dialled at fixed intervals (at
least every 20 secs). The handsfree key flashes, "open listening" is activated.
The participant answers: Press the Talk key . . . the function is terminated
The participant does not answer: The call is interrupted after around 30 secs. The function
is terminated after pressing any key or after ten unsuccessful attempts.
The call lists can be displayed directly by pressing the
display key Calls if the relevant function has been
assigned to the display key.
The Missed calls list can also be opened by pressing
the Message key .
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