Making calls
Incoming calls
An incoming call is indicated by ringing, by a display on the screen and by the flashing Talk
key . Accept a call:
Press the Talk key
If Auto Answer is activated: Remove the handset from the charging cradle
Forward to the answer machine ( p. 46): (for calls to the fixed line number)
Accept a call on the headset
Switch off ringtone: Silence . . . the call can be accepted for as long as it is shown on the
Information about the caller
The caller's phone number is displayed. If the caller's number is saved in the directory, the name
is displayed.
Accepting/rejecting call waiting
A call waiting tone indicates a call during an external call. The number or the name of the caller
is displayed if the phone number is transferred.
Reject a call: Options Reject waiting call OK
Accept a call: Accept . . . speak to the new caller. The previous call is placed on hold.
End the call, resume the on-hold call: Press the End call key .
Making internal calls
¤ Press briefly . . . the handset list is opened, this handset is indicated by < . . . use
to select handset or Call all (group call) Press the Talk key
Fast access for group call:
¤ Press briefly
or press and hold
The caller's number will be transferred ( p. 30).
Multiple handsets have been registered to the base station ( p. 81).
Internal calls to other handsets registered to the same base station are free of charge.
You hear the busy tone if:
there is already an internal connection
The handset being called is not available (deactivated, outside of range).
The internal call is not accepted within 3 minutes.
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