Provider-specific functions (network services)
For call divert with a fixed line connection: A connection is established to the telephone
network . . . a confirmation is sent from the telephone network Press the End call key
Internal Call Divert
Divert external calls that are made to one of the receive connections of the handset ( p. 100),
to a different handset.
¤ . . . use to select Select Services OK Call Divert OK
Internal OK . . . then
Internal calls are diverted once only. If calls to the handset are diverted to another handset (e.g.
INT 1) that also has call divert activated (e.g. to INT 2), this second call divert is not initiated. The
calls are indicated on handset INT 1.
Set the time for call divert:
¤ When . . . use to select the time for call divert
All Calls: Calls are diverted immediately
No Answer: Calls are diverted if no one accepts the call within several rings.
When Busy: Calls are diverted if the line is busy.
Activate: Send
Diverting calls may incur additional costs. Please consult your network provider.
Switch on/off: Activation . . . use to select On or Off
Select the handset:
¤ To Handset . . . use to select an internal participant
No Handset is displayed if internal Call Divert has not been set previously or if the
previously set handset is no longer registered.
Delay time for answering the call:
¤ Ring Delay . . . use to select None / 10 sec. / 20 sec. / 30 sec.
None: The call is immediately diverted.
Activate: Save
Any call that has been diverted is entered in the call lists.
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