Message lists
Message lists
Notifications about missed calls, messages on the answer machine/network mailbox, received
SMS messages and missed alarms are saved in the messages list.
As soon as a new message arrives, an advisory tone will sound. The
Message key also flashes (if activated p. 36). Icons for mes-
sage types and the number of new messages are shown on the
idle display.
Notification for the following message types is available:
on the answer machine/network mailbox
in the missed calls list
in the SMS message list
in the missed alarms list
Display messages:
¤Press the Message key . . . Messages lists that contain
messages are displayed, Mailbox: is always displayed
An entry is marked in bold: new messages are available. The
number of new messages is shown in brackets.
An entry is not marked in bold: no new messages. The number
of old messages is shown in brackets.
¤ . . . use to select a list OK . . . the calls or messages are
Network mailbox: The network mailbox number is dialled
( p. 51).
The icon for the network mailbox is always displayed, provided the number is stored
in the telephone. The other lists are only displayed if they contain messages.
The messages list contains an entry for each of the handset's answer machines
( p. 46 / p. 51).
INT 1 14 Oct
02 10 09 08
Calls Calendar
Messages & Calls
Missed Calls: (5)
Answer Mach.: 1 (1)
SMS: (4)
Missed Alarms: (2)
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