Local handset directory
Local handset directory
The local directory is unique to the handset. However, it is possible to send entries to other
handsets ( p. 40).
Opening the directory
¤Briefly press in idle status
¤ . . . use to select Directory OK
Directory entries
Creating an entry
¤ <New Entry> OK . . . use to switch
between the entry fields and enter data for an entry:
¤ . . . use to enter first names and/or surnames, at least
one number (personal, office, or mobile) and an e-mail
address, if applicable
¤ . . . use to activate/deactivate Anniversary . . . use
to enter date and time . . . use to select type of
alert (Visual only or a ringtone)
Caller Melody (VIP):
¤ . . . use to select the ringtone that will indicate a call from the participant . . . if a Caller
Melody (VIP) has been assigned, the entry will appear in the directory with the icon.
Caller Picture:
¤ . . . use to select a picture that is to be displayed during a call from the participant
( Resource Directory).
Save entry: Save
Number of entries: up to
Information: First name and surname, up to three telephone numbers, anniversary
with alert, VIP ringtone with VIP icon
Length of the entries: Numbers: max. 32 digits
First name, surname: max. 16 characters
The entry is only valid if it contains at least one number.
For Caller Melody (VIP) and Caller Picture: the telephone number of the caller must
be supplied.
New Entry
First Name:
Phone (Home):
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