Local handset directory
Searching for/selecting a directory entry
¤ . . . use to browse searched names
¤ . . . use to enter initial letters (max. 8 letters) . . . the display jumps to the first name
starting with these initial letters . . . use to continue browsing to the desired entry, if
Scroll through directory: Press and hold
Displaying/changing an entry
¤ . . . use to select entry View . . . use to select the field to be
changed Edit
¤ . . . use to select an entry Options Edit entry OK
Deleting entries
Delete the selected entry: . . . use to select an entry Options Delete
entry OK
Delete all entries: Options Delete List OK Yes
Setting the order of the directory entries
Directory entries can be sorted by first name or surname.
¤ Options Sort by Surname / Sort by First Name
If no name was entered, the default telephone number is shown in the surname field. These
entries appear at the beginning of the list, regardless of how the entries are sorted.
The sort order is as follows:
Space | Digits (0-9) | Letters (alphabetically) | Other characters.
Displaying the number of entries available in the directory
¤ Options Available Memory OK
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