Local handset directory
Copying individual entries
¤ . . . use to select the desired entry Options Copy Entry OK to
Internal OK . . . use to select the receiving handset OK . . . the entry is copied
Copy the next entry after successful transfer: Press Yes or No
Copying the entire directory
¤ Options Copy List OK to Internal OK . . . use to select the
receiving handset OK . . . the entries are copied one after the other
Copying a vCard using Bluetooth
Copy directory entries in vCard format, e.g. to exchange entries with a mobile phone.
¤ . . . use to select an entry if needed Options Copy Entry / Copy All
vCard via Bluetooth . . . the Known Devices list is displayed . . . use to select
device OK
Receiving a vCard using Bluetooth
If a device in the Known Devices list sends a vCard to your handset, a directory entry is
automatically created and a message is shown in the display.
If the sending device is not in the list: . . . use to enter the PIN of the sending Bluetooth
device OK . . . the copied vCard is available as a directory entry
Copying directory entries from a smartphone (Gigaset GO)
Further information is available at www.gigaset.com/lp/contactspush
Synchronising the phonebook with the PC address book
(Gigaset QuickSync)
Free download and further information at www.gigaset.com/quicksync
Use vCard via SMS to send a directory entry in vCard format by SMS.
Bluetooth mode is activated
The other handset/mobile phone supports Bluetooth.
The phone is connected to the Internet.
The Gigaset ContactsPush app has been installed on the smartphone.
The Gigaset QuickSync programme has been installed on the computer.
The handset is connected via Bluetooth or via a USB data cable to the computer.
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