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The refined search limits the number of hits returned by a previous search using additional
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. . . The search criteria are transferred from the previous search and are entered into the
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The first entry found is displayed. The consecutive number of
the entry displayed and the hit number is visible at the top right
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¤View . . . all entry information is displayed in full . . . use
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¤Options Refine Search OK ( p. 43)
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¤Options Copy to Directory OK . . . Use to select <New Entry> or an
existing entry OK Save . . . The entry is saved, the complete name is transferred to
the Surname field of the local directory
Calling participants
¤ Select entry Press the Talk key
If the entry only contains one phone number, this is the one that is dialled.
If the entry contains more than one number, a list of numbers is displayed.
¤ Select number Dial
Online Directory 1/50
Sand, Marie Elisabe ...
Parkstraße 11
Berlin 12345
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