Local answer machine
Cancelling remote operation
¤Press the End call key or replace the receiver
Recording a personal announcement/advisory message
The phone is supplied with pre-recorded announcements for announcement and advisory
mode. If a personal announcement has not been recorded, the relevant pre-recorded
announcement is used.
¤ . . . use to select Answer Machine OK Announcements OK . . .
use to switch between Record Announcem. and Rec. Advisory Msg. OK . . . use
to select Answer Machine (if more than one answer machine is available) OK OK
. . . record your announcement (at least 3 seconds) . . . possible options
During message playback: Delete current message.
Change the status of a previously played back message to "new".
The next message starts to play. The remaining memory is announced at the end of the last
The answer machine will terminate the connection under the following circumstances:
The entered system PIN is incorrect.
There are no messages on the answer machine.
After the remaining memory announcement.
Complete the recording and save:
¤End . . . the announcement is played back for you to check
Cancel the recording: ¤Press the End call key or Back
Resume the recording:
Repeat the recording: ¤New
Recording ends automatically if the maximum recording time of 170 seconds is
exceeded or there is a break in speech for more than 2 seconds.
If the recording is cancelled, the default announcement is used.
The recording is cancelled or not started if the answer machine memory is full.
¤Delete old messages . . . the answer machine switches back to Answer & record
mode . . . repeat the recording, if needed
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