Alarm clock
Alarm clock
Activating/deactivating the alarm clock and setting the wake-up time
¤ . . . use to select Organizer OK Alarm Clock OK . . . then
When the alarm clock is activated, the icon and the wake-up time are displayed in idle
An alarm is shown on the display and indicated by the selected ringtone melody. The alarm
sounds for 60 seconds. If no key is pressed, the alarm is repeated after 5 minutes. After the
second repetition, the alarm call is deactivated for 24 hours.
Switching off /repeating the alarm after an interval (snooze mode)
Deactivate the alarm: OFF
Repeat the alarm (snooze mode): Press Snooze or any key . . . the alarm is switched off and
repeated after 5 minutes.
Date and time have been set.
Switch on/off: ¤ Activation: . . . use to select On or Off
Setting the wake-up time:
¤ Time . . . use to enter hours and minutes
Set days: ¤ Occurrence . . . use to switch between Monday-Friday
and Daily
Set the volume: ¤ Volume . . . use to set volume in 5 increments or select
crescendo (increasing volume)
Set alarm: ¤ Melody . . . use to select a ringtone for the alarm
Save settings: ¤Save
During a call, the alarm is only indicated by a short tone.
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