SMS (text messages)
The Call Line Identification must be forwarded to the extension of the PABX (CLIP).
If necessary, the access code/outside line code must be prefixed to the number of the SMS
service centre (depending on your PABX). To test: Send an SMS to your own number, once
with the access code and once without.
If the SMS is sent without the extension number, it will not be possible for the recipient to
answer directly.
Activating/deactivating first ring muting
Every SMS addressed to your fixed line network connection is indicated by a single ring. If such
a "call" is answered, the SMS is lost. To prevent this, mute the first ring for all external calls. In idle
¤ . . . the current setting flashes in the input field
(e.g. 1) . . . then
Activating/deactivating the SMS function
The settings you have entered for sending and receiving SMS messages (e.g. the numbers of the
SMS service centres) and the entries in the incoming and draft lists are saved even after
¤ . . . the current setting flashes in the input field
(e.g. 1) . . . then
If you have agreed a flat fixed line network rate, the chargeable numbers with dialling
code 0900 are often blocked. If, in this case, a 0900 number is entered for the SMS
service centre, you will not be able to send text messages from your phone.
If the attempt to send fails, the SMS is saved in the incoming messages list and
indicated as failed. VoIP connection: Even if the Automatic fallback to fixed line
option is activated ( web configurator), the telephone will not attempt to send the
SMS via the fixed line network.
If the selected send connection is deleted from the configuration, the fixed line
network connection is used.
Do not mute the first ringtone: ¤ OK
Mute the first ringtone (default setting): ¤ OK
Deactivate the SMS function: ¤ OK
Activate the SMS function (default setting): ¤ OK
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