Check memory
Display the available memory for screensavers and CLIP-pictures.
¤ . . . use to select Additional Features OK Resource Directory
OK Capacity OK . . . the percentage of available memory is displayed
The handset is able to use Bluetooth™ to communicate wirelessly with other devices that also
use this technology e.g. for exchanging directory entries.
The following devices can be connected:
A Bluetooth headset
It may take 5 seconds to establish a connection, whether a call is accepted using the headset
or transferred to the headset, or a call is made from the headset.
Up to 5 data devices (PCs, PDAs or mobile telephones) for the transmission of address book
entries as a vCard or for the exchange of data with the computer.
In order for telephone numbers to be used further, the area code (international and local area
code) must be saved to the telephone.
Operating Bluetooth devices device user guides
Activating/deactivating Bluetooth mode
¤ . . . use to select Bluetooth OK Activation
Change ( = activated)
If the local area code is still not saved: . . . use to enter local area code OK
When in idle status, the activated Bluetooth mode is indicated on the handset by the icon.
Registering Bluetooth devices
The distance between the handset in Bluetooth mode and the active Bluetooth device (headset
or data device) should not exceed 10 m.
Bluetooth is activated and the devices have been registered to the handset.
The headset features the Headset or Handsfree Profile. If both profiles are availa-
ble, the handsfree profile is used to communicate.
The registration of a headset overwrites a previously registered headset.
If a headset is to be registered that is already registered with a different device, this
connection must be deactivated before registering.
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