Additional functions using the PC interface
Changing the Bluetooth name of the handset
The handset is shown by this name on another Bluetooth device.
¤ . . . use to select Bluetooth OK Own Device OK . . . the name and
the device address are shown Change . . . use to change the name Save
Additional functions using the PC interface
QuickSync functions:
Sync the handset's directory with Microsoft® Outlook®
Upload CLIP-pictures (.bmp) from the computer to the handset
Upload pictures (.bmp) as screensavers from the computer to the handset
Upload sounds (ringtone melodies) from the computer to the handset
Update firmware
Cloud synchronisation with Google™
¤Connecting the handset to the computer via Bluetooth or via a USB data cable..
Transferring data
¤Launch the Gigaset QuickSync program on the computer.
The message Data transfer in progress is shown on the display during data transfer between
the handset and PC. During this time, it is not possible to enter any data using the keypad and
incoming calls are ignored.
The Gigaset QuickSync program has been installed on the computer.
Free to download at www.gigaset.com/quicksync
Connect the handset directly to the PC, not via a USB hub.
Data transfer using Bluetooth:
The computer has Bluetooth capability.
A USB data cable is not plugged in. If a USB data cable is plugged in during an
existing Bluetooth connection, the Bluetooth connection is interrupted.
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