Info Centre
Login failed.
Registration data has not been correctly entered. Reselect the info service and repeat the
login process. Please remember that data is case sensitive.
You are not authorised to access this info service.
Logging in for personalised info services
If a special login process with user name and password is required to access an info service:
¤ . . . Use to enter Authent. Name Save . . . Use to enter Password Save . . . If
login was successful, the requested info service is displayed
If login failed, a message to this effect is displayed Messages when loading requested
information, p. 78.
Operating Info Centre
Depending on the requested info service:
Scroll through an info service: Press the control key
Return to the previous page: Press the left display key.
Return to the Info Centre menu: Briefly press the End call key .
Go offline: Press and hold the End call key . . . The handset returns to idle status
Enter text: . . . Use to select a line . . . The cursor flashes in the text field . . . Use to
enter text . . . Close the entries using the right display key . . . The data is sent
Make a selection: . . . Use to select a line in which a selection is possible . . . Use
to make a selection . . . Complete the selection using the left display key . . . The data
is sent
Set option: . . . use to select a line that offers the options . . . The line is marked . . . then
Hyperlink to further information
A hyperlink to further information is displayed by the icon.
If a page with hyperlinks is opened, the first hyperlink is highlighted.
¤Use to select another hyperlink if required Link . . . The corresponding page is opened
Hyperlink to a phone number
A hyperlink to a phone number offers the Call function on the right display key.
Select the phone number (Click-2-Call): Call . . . The number is dialled directly depending on
the provider or it appears first in the display Confirm using Yes if necessary
Copy an entry to the local directory: . . . Use to select hyperlink
Pay attention when entering registration data, as it is case sensitive.
Activate/deactivate option:
¤ or press the left display key (e. g. OK)
Complete entry: ¤Press the left display key . . . The data is sent
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