Adjusting the telephone settings
Changing the language
¤ . . . use to select Settings OK Language OK . . . use to
select language Select ( = selected)
If the handset has been set to an incomprehensible language:
¤ Press the keys slowly one after the other . . . use to select the correct
language press the right display key
Display and keypad
A digital or analogue clock, Info Services and a range of pictures can be selected to be displayed
as a screensaver when in idle status.
¤ . . . use to select Settings OK Display & Keypad OK
Screensaver Edit ( = on) . . . then
The screensaver is activated approx. 10 seconds after the display has changed to idle status.
End screensaver
¤Press the End call key briefly . . . the display changes to idle status
Notes on displaying Info Services
Switch on/off: ¤Activation: . . . use to select On or Off
Select screensaver: ¤ Selection . . . use to select a screensaver (Digital Clock
/ Analog Clock / Info Services / <Pictures> / Slideshow)
View screensaver: ¤View
Save selection: ¤Save
All pictures from the Screensaver folder of the Resource Directory are available for
Info Services are activated via the web configurator.
The telephone is connected to the Internet.
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