Switching the information ticker on/off
The text information from the Internet that is set for the screensaver Info Services can be
displayed as a scrolling message in idle status.
¤ . . . use to select Settings OK Display & Keypad OK
Info Ticker Edit (= on)
The ticker starts as soon as the telephone changes to idle status. If a message is shown in the
display, the information ticker is not displayed.
Large font
Show text and icons in call lists and in the directory in a larger size in order to improve legibility.
Only one entry is shown in the display and names are abbreviated if necessary.
¤ . . . use to select Settings OK Display & Keypad OK Large
Font Change ( = on)
Colour scheme
The display may appear in a range of colour combinations.
¤ . . . use to select Settings OK Display & Keypad OK
Colour Schemes OK . . . use to select the desired colour scheme
Select ( = selected)
Display backlight
The display backlight always illuminates when the handset is taken out of the base station/
charging cradle or when a key is pressed. Any digit keys that are pressed appear on the display
for pre-dialling.
Switch the display backlight on/off when in idle status:
¤ . . . use to select Settings OK Display & Keypad OK
Display Backlight OK . . . then
The type of info service available to your phone is set on the Internet on the
Gigaset.net server. Changing the setting p. 77.
If no information is currently available, the digital time (Digital Clock) is displayed
instead until information is available again.
Backlight when in the charging cradle:
¤In Charger: . . . use to select On or Off
Backlight when not in the charging cradle:
¤ Out of Charger . . . use to select On or Off
Save selection: ¤Save
The handset's standby time may be significantly reduced if the display backlight is
switched on.
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