Earpiece and handsfree profile
Select a profile for the earpiece and handsfree mode in order to adapt the telephone as much
as possible to the surroundings. Check which is the most comfortable profile for you and your
¤ . . . use to select Settings OK Audio Settings OK
Acoustic Profiles Earpiece Profiles / Handsfree Profiles OK . . . use to
select profile Select ( = selected)
Earpiece Profiles: High or Low (default setting)
Handsfree Profiles: Profile 1 (default setting) . . . Profile 4
Ringtone volume
¤ . . . use to select Settings OK Audio
Settings OK Ringtones (Handset) OK
Volume OK . . . use to select For internal calls and
alarms or External Calls . . . use to set volume in
5 increments or in crescendo mode (increasing volume)
Ringtone melody
Set a variety of ringtones for internal and external calls for every available send/receive
connection of the telephone (Landline, IP1, Gigaset.net) or set the same ringtone for All calls.
¤ . . . use to select Settings OK Audio Settings OK
Ringtones (Handset) OK Melodies OK . . . use to select the
connection . . . use to select the ringtone/melody in each case Save
Switching the ringtone on/off
Switching the ringtone off permanently
¤Use the key to set Profile Silent . . . the following icon appears in the status bar
Changes are only saved permanently in Profile Personal.
For internal calls
and alarms:
< >
External Calls:
Back Save
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