Activating/deactivating music on hold
¤ . . . use to select Settings OK Audio Settings OK Music on
hold Change ( = on)
Setting the IP address of the base station in LAN
An IP address is required in order for the LAN to "recognise" your phone. The IP address can be
assigned to the phone automatically (by the router) or manually.
If the address is assigned dynamically the router's DHCP server automatically assigns an IP
address to the phone. The IP address can be changed according to router settings.
In the case of manual/static assignment, you assign a static IP address to the phone. This may
be necessary depending on your network configuration (e.g. if your phone is connected
directly to a PC).
¤ . . . use to select Settings OK System OK Local
Network OK . . . use to enter the system PIN (if the system PIN differs from 0000)
OK . . . then
Your base station is connected to a router or a PC.
To assign the IP address dynamically, the DHCP server on the router must be activated.
Please also read the user guide for your router.
Address type: ¤IP Address Type: . . . use to select Static or Dynamic
With IP Address Type Dynamic: The following fields show the
current settings that the phone obtained from the router. These
settings cannot be changed.
With IP Address Type Static: Enter settings for the following
IP address: ¤ IP Address . . . use to enter the IP address (overwrite
current setting) default setting:
Subnet mask: ¤ Subnet Mask . . . use to enter the subnet mask (over-
write current setting) default setting:
Standard-Gateway: ¤ Default Gateway . . . use to enter the IP address of the
standard gateway
The local network is connected to the Internet via the standard
gateway. This is generally your router.
Default setting:
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