Checking the base station's MAC address
Depending on the network configuration, you may require the MAC address of the base station,
e.g. in order to enter it in the router's access control list.
Check the MAC address on the handset: . . . the
MAC address is displayed
Return to idle status: Back
Changing the system PIN
Secure the telephone's system settings with a system PIN. You have to enter the system PIN
when you register or de-register a handset, change local network settings, perform a firmware
update or reset the phone to default settings.
For the purpose of remotely operating the answer machine ( p. 48) the system PIN must be
something other than 0000.
Change the telephone's 4-digit system PIN (default setting: 0000):
¤ . . . use to select Settings OK System OK System PIN
OK . . . use to enter the current PIN (if other than 0000) OK . . . use to enter
new system PIN Save
Resetting system PIN
Resetting the base station to the original PIN 0000:
¤Unplug the network cable from the base station Press and hold the Registration/Paging
key on the base station At the same time reconnect the network cable to the base
station Press and hold the key for at least 5 secs . . . the base station is reset and the system
PIN is set to 0000
Restarting the base station
¤ . . . use to select Settings OK Base Restart OK . . . the base
station is restarted, the connection to the handset is briefly interrupted
All handsets are de-registered and must be re-registered. All settings are returned to
default settings.
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