Internet telephony (VoIP)
Internet telephony (VoIP)
Setting up an IP account
To make calls over the Internet, you need an IP account from a provider. You can configure up to
six IP accounts.
To set up an IP account, you will need access data from your provider.
Enter access data on the phone:
Using the VoIP wizard for initial installation ( see Set-up)
Using the web configurator on a PC/tablet:
¤Quick Start Wizard ( see Web configurator)
Setting up further IP accounts
Using the web configurator on a PC/tablet:
Page Settings Telephony Connections ( see Web configurator)
Using the VoIP wizard on the handset:
¤ . . . Use to select Settings OK Telephony OK VoIP Wiz-
The process is the same as for the installation wizard ( see Set-up).
Gigaset.net is a VoIP service offered by Gigaset Communications GmbH. All users of a Gigaset
VoIP device can make calls over the Internet directly and free of charge to other Gigaset.net
users – without setting up an account with a phone provider (provider) and without making any
further settings. Connections to/from other networks are not possible.
Gigaset.net is a voluntary service provided by Gigaset Communications GmbH
without guarantee or liability for the availability of the network and service provision.
If you do not use your Gigaset.net connection for six months, it is automatically
Re-activating your connection:
¤Start search in Gigaset.net directory
¤Make a call via Gigaset.net (dial a number with #9 at the end)
¤Activate the connection via the web configurator.
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