Other functions and information
Sharing the iPhone settings and connecting to a network
When you turn on the power to the unit for the first time after purchasing the unit
or initializing the network settings, the Wi-Fi indicator on the front panel will flash,
and the unit will automatically start searching for an iOS device, such as an
iPhone. At this time, you can connect the unit to the network easily by applying
the network settings on the iOS device to the unit.
* To take full advantage of the functions on this unit, install MusicCast CONTROLLER on
your iOS device.
If you make a wired connection, this function is not available.
Make sure that the iOS device is connected to the wireless LAN router (access point).
An iOS device running iOS 7.1 or later is required.
If the wireless LAN router features WEP wireless encryption, the unit will be unable to
share the network settings on the iOS device to connect to the network.
1While the Wi-Fi indicator is flashing, open the Wi-Fi setting
screen on the iOS device, and then assign this unit for the
AirPlay speaker.
2Choose the wireless network (access point) you want to
access with the unit.
When the sharing setup is complete, the unit will automatically connect to the
selected wireless network.
Name of the unit
iOS 9 (example of English version)
Tap here to start setup
Currently-selected network
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