Refer to the table below if the unit fails to function properly. If your problem is not listed below, or if the symptoms persist after you follow the instructions below, turn off
the power to the unit, disconnect the AC adaptor from the AC outlet, and contact your nearest authorized Yamaha dealer or service center.
Problem Cause Solution
The unit is not turned on.
The unit turns off as soon as it is
powered on.
The unit does not operate properly.
The AC adaptor or Power cord is not properly connected. Make sure that the AC adaptor and Power cord are correctly
connected, and insert the AC adaptor into the AC outlet firmly.
The unit is not operable.
The internal microcomputer has frozen, due to an external
electrical shock (such as lightning or excessive static
electricity) or due to a drop in the power supply voltage.
Unplug the AC adaptor from the AC outlet, wait 30 seconds or
more, and then plug the AC adaptor back in.
No sound
The music source you want to play was not selected properly. Use the MusicCast CONTROLLER app to select the music
source you want to play (P. 7 ) .
The speaker or audio system has not been connected
Make sure that the system is connected properly.
Cables are connected to both the [AUX OUT] and [LINE OUT]
If you connect cables to both jacks, no audio will be output
from the [LINE OUT] jack. To output audio from the [LINE
OUT] jack, remove the cable from the [AUX OUT] jack.
The volume level of the device connected to the unit is set to
minimum or muted.
Turn up the volume.
There is noise interference from
nearby electronic equipment.
The unit is too close to electronic equipment. Place the unit further away from such equipment.
Noise interference may be generated if you do not use the
supplied Power cord and AC adaptor.
Be sure to use the supplied Power cord and AC adaptor.
Unable to adjust the volume. Cable is connected to the [LINE OUT] jack. Connect the cable to the [AUX OUT] jack.
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